11 Lesser Known Benefits of CBD Oil

There are many articles online discussing the believed benefits of CBD for a multitude of conditions; anxiety, depression, and arthritis to name just a few. But CBD isn’t only curative for specific conditions, it can present many benefits just being part of a health, balanced lifestyle.

Number 1: CBD can help you deal with day-to-day anxiety

We know CBD is well documented in supporting people suffering with anxiety, but what about day-to-day stress?  Part of the reason that CBD supports anxiety, is how it changes your body’s response to serotonin, known as the bodies happy biological neurotransmitter This can reduce emotional stress such as anxiety before an important meeting or presentation.

Number 2: It can help you get a good night sleep

Studies have shown that CBD can prolong the important REM stage of your sleep cycle, giving the body more time to repair and protect itself, and building energy so you can wake up feeling refreshed. Read more about CBD and sleep.

Number 3: It can help with a variety of skin care issues

Used topically, 2%-4% CBD Cream enables the CBD to penetrate skin cells and help them to achieve moisture balance. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory proprieties of CBD help lower production of your sebum in the skin – which is a key cause of spots and breakouts.

Number 4: It can help you recover from your workout

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are well known and wide reaching, and the growing number of sports people turning to CBD Oil is no coincidence. CBD Oil can counteract workout-induced inflammation, helping the body rebuild damaged muscle tissue.

Number 5: It can help regulate blood pressure

There are many augmented benefits of CBD and blood pressure – Reduced stress, better sleep and a strong immune system will also have an impact on our blood pressure. In addition to this, studies have shown that even a single dose of CBD can reduce resting blood pressure and the blood pressure response to stress.

Number 6: It is shown to have antipsychotic effects

CBD has been found to reduce psychotic symptoms in sufferers of a number of mental disorders, such as psychosis.

Number 7: Substance abuse treatment support

Due to its inextricable link with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) CBD is becoming widely accepted as a positive support for addiction and substance abuse. Modifying circuits in the brain connected to drug addiction, CBD has been shown to reduce dependence in animal trials.

Number 8: It can help prevent diabetes

Research suggests that CBD can prevent insulitis, an inflammation in the pancreas tissue. It does this by destroying pancreatic beta cells (responsible for causing insulitis). This condition is often a precursor to Type 1 Diabetes.

Number 9: It can prevent free radical damage

Taking care of our brain health has never been more important, with more and more people living longer, healthier lives. There have been many studies around CBD and Alzheimer’s prevention, along with our brain related health conditions. CBD’s ability to prevent free radical damage and stimulate neurogenesis (brain cell regeneration) is suggesting CBD could have a key role in keeping our brains healthy.

Number 10: It is thought to help fight lung disease

Animal studies are the main source of this theory – More human trials are required. But studies so far show that CBD can help open bronchial passages, allowing suffers to breathe more easily. The anti-inflammatory properties can also help improve lung function.

Number 11: Addiction

Taking CBD is not only Non-Addictive, it is also known to be extremely helpful in aiding the breaking of addictive habits, like smoking and many other annoying addictive habits.

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