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CBD in the Olympics

CBD in the Olympics
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Like so many significant events scheduled for the summer of 2020, the Tokyo Olympics were postponed, because of Covid, for twelve months. Finally unfolding in July 2021, it's a testament to the will of the athletes and organisers that the games are taking place at all.

Naturally, during the Olympic season, the thoughts of many people turn to elite sporting competition. What may remain unknown, though, is the role of CBD in the Olympics. CBD Oil and sporting performance can go hand-in-hand for a range of reasons. 

Can Olympic athletes use CBD Oil?

Anyone with a passing interest in sport will be aware of the stringent anti-doping rules surrounding Olympic competition. Infamous cases of drug cheats that managed to game the system, most notably Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones in 2000 and Ben Johnson in 1988, live long in the memory – and these are just the incidents that earned mainstream attention.

Olympic athletes undertake near-constant drug testing. Anti-doping authorities take regular urine samples from athletes, often without warning, and assess them for any trace of banned substances. These tests are primarily designed to eradicate abuse of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. Recreational drugs such as cocaine and marijuana are also considered strict no-no’s by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Renowned American sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson is the latest high-profile victim of this policy, banned from competing at the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for smoking marijuana. This has been a controversial decision. It requires some gold medal-worthy mental gymnastics to claim that marijuana enhances sporting performance when speed is of the essence, after all. Moreover, Ms Richardson tested positive in Oregon, where private individuals can legally enjoy the substance under local state law. Alas, any traces of cannabinoids remain verboten under the WADA code.

The misfortune of Sha'Carri Richardson raises a question – can athletes at the Tokyo Olympics use CBD Oil without falling foul of WADA? The answer is yes, primarily because CBD Oil does not contain THC, the psychoactive element of marijuana. However, even this is a recent development. WADA only legalised the use of CBD in the Olympics in 2017.

What are the recent changes to CBD rules for sports?

WADA have adjusted their policies to make CBD in the Olympics legally compliant. It's not quite a free-for-all, though. While WADA has relaxed their policies, athletes will still need to be careful not to fail a drug test.

As we intimated preciously, it's cannabinoids that rile WADA. Often, these will show up in a drug test through the presence of THC. Here's where things get a little more complicated for CBD enthusiasts taking part in the Tokyo Olympics. 

If using CBD for sport, THC content cannot exceed 0.3%. The chemistry lab of Ellipse Analytics analysed 250 CBD Oil brands, announcing that almost half exceeded this threshold. What's more, those that claimed to be entirely devoid of THC still contained enough to be detected on a drug test. Whether this would exceed an Olympic athlete's acceptable 0.3% depends on how much CBD Oil was consumed.
Despite these concerns, professional athletes are likely to continue using CBD. As with most matters in the modern world, it comes down to equating risk vs reward, and the latter can be prominent for an experienced Olympian.

What are the benefits of CBD for athletes?

Olympic-level athletes have dedicated their lives to training. As a result, while their bodies are at the peak of physical fitness to achieve sporting ambitions, the body of an Olympian carries far more wear and tear than most. Joint pain and recurrent muscular injuries can make it challenging for an athlete to get through the day.

CBD Oil helps with this. Arguably the greatest benefit of CBD for sportspeople is the pain relief afforded. When an athlete massages CBD Oil into aching, sore joints, the pain signals sent to the brain are muffled. Essentially, this serves the same purpose as industrial-strength painkillers, but without the addictive qualities of drugs like codeine. 

As well as daily pain relief, CBD in the Olympics will likely be used to recover following workouts and training regimes. As CBD Oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties, muscles will ease and bounce back in short order. Competitors at the Tokyo Olympics will be hoping to compete more than once. The shorter the rest periods required between events, the better.

Finally, the mental impact of CBD is of great use to athletes. Competing at the Olympic Games is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many sportspeople. This goes double for the Tokyo Olympics due to the 12-month postponement. Some older athletes may have understandably feared they would miss out on a final shot at glory. 

Such opportunity also leads to pressure, though – both internal and external. For some Olympians, the hopes of a nation rest on their shoulders. For others, nobody could place them under a more significant burden to perform than themselves. Either way, CBD Oil is a natural way to dispel stress and anxiety, ensuring that athletes can retain their focus and keep their eyes on the prize.

Is there any history of CBD in professional sports?

Due to the blanket ban instilled by WADA, very few athletes have previously raised their heads above the parapet to extol the virtues of CBD for sports. With the legalisation coming in time for the Tokyo Olympics, several elite sportspeople have since become outspoken CBD enthusiasts.

In many respects, Tokyo makes the beginning of a new history of CBD in the Olympics. Finally, athletes can utilise this harmless and beneficial treatment, providing themselves with a greater chance of victory and levelling the playing field. 

Injury and the natural ravages of time have ended more sporting careers than any lack of effort, ambition, or talent. Now, with the aid of CBD Oil, a generation of Olympians can give themselves another opportunity to demonstrate their dedication to physical competition. 

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