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Customer Stories – Mary – Arthritic Pain & Inflammation

By Amelia Fenner-Prowle | 3rd February, 2021 in Customer Stories | 0 Comments

Customer Stories – Mary – Arthritic Pain & Inflammation
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As passionate believers in CBD for pain and inflammation, this is Mary’s story...

First I want to say thank you for the wonderful relief of pain your CBD Oil has given me of late.

I have had painful knees years for as long as I can remember and have been living off doctor prescribed analgesics, which I know are habit forming and not very good for you.

I made my mind up that I simply had to find an alternative as all the docs seem to prescribe were these strong pain killers.

I came upon this book “THE CBD BOOK” - “The Essential Guide to CBD Oil” by Mary Biles last year and was most impressed by her writing, her research and her impressive references. It was a reasonably short read of only 140 pages but full of the concise benefits of CBD. Whilst there was no direct reference to painful knees, there was direct references and an individual section on Arthritic Pain and Inflammation which I believe was the cause of all my suffering, for the many years I have had to put up with it.

So I went on line and came across your website, and whilst I had seen many website before I stumbled upon yours, something about your site got to me so I bought on your advice your lowest strength 4% CBD oil to see what would happen. Well to be truthful I rubbed your 4% product into my knees morning and night and started to notice some improvement after a couple of weeks, but it was not enough to give me total relief. I was however encouraged enough to push on so when I had finished my first bottle I upgraded and bought one of your 10%CBD Oils, and started to apply that. That’s when the miracle started to happen. Within my first 10 days of applying this stronger CBD Oil my pain had completely gone. You cannot understand what a miracle and blessing your product has been for me. I am like a different person, not only has the pain gone completely but I am now much more mobile and never have to think about my horrible knees ever again.

Thank you so very much. Please feel free to use this message however often you feel, it might do someone else as much good, as it has done for me.




CBD Oil is widely regarded for its anti-inflammatory properties, with inflammation being a key source of pain, particularly arthritic pain. Read our CBD blog for more information on how CBD might help with chronic pain.

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