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How can CBD help relieve Tennis Elbow?

By Jaimee Hodges | 21st July, 2021 in Sports & Fitness | 0 Comments

How can CBD help relieve Tennis Elbow?
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Cannabis or marijuana is said to have negative effects on human health, which is why it's labelled as an illegal drug in almost all countries around the world. But CBD, derived from the Hemp Plant, does not contain THC, which is the main compound responsible for inducing the euphoric high most people experience when smoking marijuana.

As CBD does not contain THC or any other compound like this, the component has been deemed safe for topical applications and consumption. Several companies are out there, manufacturing different products having Cannabidiol (CBD) as the primary ingredient. For example, to reduce anxiety and stress, CBD Oil is amazingly effective. On the other hand, if you want to reduce inflammations and pains, you can use a topical application of CBD, such as our body lotion, for targeted application.

CBD is now being considered a healthy alternative to nicotine, and hence, the component is replacing tobacco or nicotine as a Vaping liquid. Furthermore, after several studies, it has been proven that CBD can work on several health problems by counterattacking the causative factors of a particular physical or psychological issue.

This article will focus on how CBD can affect people suffering from tennis elbow.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Before discussing what the effects of CBD on tennis elbow are, let us first shed some light on the condition itself and certain other relevant facts about it. Clinically, the tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, occurs where the tendons in your arm connect the humerus bone to the radius and ulna in your hand. These tendons are located in the elbow joint, which is why the condition is known as “tennis elbow”.

Tennis elbow is quite a painful condition because the tendons become sensitive and inflamed from within, causing tenderness in the elbow and the lower arm. Even though there is no age limit for the occurrence of this disease, people aged above 40 usually report the problem more, as they start feeling pain in their elbows.

What are the causes of tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is mainly caused by repetitive motions, like gripping a bat repeatedly, typing on the keyboard while keeping your arms in a stable position and other such tasks. The repetitive work puts a strain on your thumb, fingers, wrist, and elbow joint. However, the elbow endures the maximum strain that indirectly causes the tendons to swell up. This is what causes tennis elbow in several people, both men and women.

In addition, when you are using your hand in different ways, which put a lot of strain on the extensor muscles of your arms, the tendons in the elbow region will easily swell up, causing tennis elbow. This is why most athletes playing with their hands suffer from the condition.

Does it only happen to tennis players?

Tennis players often suffer from tennis elbow since they have to grip the tennis racket in the same manner repetitively. It causes the tendons to swell up, causing pain in the elbow joint. However, tennis elbow doesn't occur only in tennis players. Any person who uses their hands for doing work in the same manner, day after day, can suffer from tennis elbow with swollen joints and tendons.

How can CBD help with tennis elbow?

Many people have asked whether they can use CBD Oil for tennis elbow or not. Well, to answer your question, research is going on regarding the effects of CBD on different health issues, including swollen tendons, aching joints and bones, tennis elbow, arthritis, and many others.

People who have used CBD Oil have said that it works amazingly in reducing inflammation over time. With tennis elbow, the tendons inflame a lot, and CBD can help reduce elbow joint and muscle pain. Moreover, Cannabidiol (CBD) has analgesic properties also which stimulate the pain receptors present in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Hence, the CBD molecules react with the ECS receptors and reduce the pain by tenfold. However, before buying the oil, don't you think about what research says about the effects of CBD on tennis elbow? After all, the facts that we mentioned above are from different patients suffering from tennis elbow.

CBD derived from the Hemp Plant is still under question in terms of its benefits and side effects. That’s why it is essential to understand what the experts are saying about CBD and its role in alleviating tennis elbow and the pain and swelling associated with it.

What does the research say?

According to the research, the CBD compounds attach themselves to the Endocannabinoid receptors present in the human body. These receptors send impulses and messages to your brain, which further work on the inflammation in your elbow and reduces the swelling along with the tenderness.

If the CBD is applied topically, the skin pores absorb the compound which works along with the ECS system to reduce the pain, thanks to the analgesic properties.

The CBD component will help in reducing the swelling in the tendons connecting the elbow joint with your lower arm muscles within a few days of continued treatment. You will also face fewer hindrances in working with your hands in the same manner that was causing pain before.


From the above discussion, you now know that you can use CBD Oil for tennis elbow. Now, it’s up to you how you will use the component. To reduce the pain, you can apply the body lotions topically over the elbow region and massage it to increase the absorption rate of the CBD molecules. You can also take the CBD Oil orally, which will work internally to reduce the tenderness in the elbow, thereby alleviating the pain caused by tennis elbow.

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The information on this website is not intended to replace traditional medical treatment, but is offered as additional, complementary information. There are many scientific studies and anecdotal reporting of the far reaching benefits of CBD Oil, and associated CBD products that we feel it is important to bring this information to our customers attention as part of our mission to educate, inform, and promote honest transparency. However, it is important to note that CBD Oil is not a registered medication, it is registered as a natural food supplement.

Alternative therapies should not be used as a substitute for a varied, nutritional and balanced lifestyle, or an alternative to prescribed medication. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any prescription medication or are currently undergoing medical advice, please consult your doctor before use.

As with most medications, there is no guarantee of specific results from taking CBD, and results can vary from person to person. That said, we are confident in our CBD Oil and associated CBD products and would love to hear from you of your experiences with CBD.

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