Why Do Golfers Like To Take CBD Oil?

This is not the first-time professional athletes have promoted CBD as a helpful aid in performance and recovery. Major league football stars, basketball players, and even strongmen are openly coming out in favour of cannabinoids. This growth in professional athletes' involvement is not by coincidence, either.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its list of banned substances as of 2018. CBD's psychotropic cousin, THC, however, is of course forbidden in competitive sports. The drug monitoring threshold for THC, luckily, ensures that athletes can take advantage of full-spectrum CBD oils. Full-spectrum products benefit from the influence of the entourage and, theoretically improve the therapeutic value of CBD.  

Heading back to the green, not only do you have players showing CBD support, but significant tours are also being supported by leading CBD firms. Scott McCarron, a professional pro golfer, is open about his relationship with CBD oil, saying it has helped improve his sleep and boost general well-being.   

I went and tested it when I went home about two weeks later. With a device called WHOOP, I try my sleep. That's a device for rest and pressure, the device is used by Major League Baseball, NFL and Olympic athletes. I took the CBD oil, began on Monday, and slept in the green, which is excellent sleep, for the first time in about two years that I'd been wearing the device, for seven days straight.

Scott also goes on to emphasize a significant issue-taboo. The misconceptions about the affiliation of CBD with cannabis led some athletes to stay silent or altogether avoid the cannabinoid. The fact is that trace quantities of THC are found in CBD derived from hemp, thereby lacking any intoxicating side effects. Their approach to caution is not without reason, however. Although the PGA Tour Champions approve CBD, official guidance from the administration of the tournament notes that CBD oil is taken at the player's own risk.

The global CBD industry, you see, is mostly unregulated, essentially giving businesses free rein to manufacture oils of low quality. They risk testing positive for banned levels of THC unless players can be assured that CBD has been extracted to the acceptable legal norm.

The good news is that there are CBD businesses that take product consistency seriously, investing in third-party independent research. This gives athletes some assurance, many of whom wouldn't be without CBD oil now that they've begun taking it.

Bubba Watson, a dad of two and a highly skilled golfer, is one of the most popular players not only using CBD but also collaborating with a CBD company. He says that "it’s all about sleep and trying to get the body right" – That was his decision to take CBD.

Even if you're not quite up to Bubba's or Scott's mark, their reasons for taking CBD are bound to resonate with golfers around the world.

The trick is to pick a CBD manufacturer who can check their goods, something that B Well is proud to take very seriously. Not only are we providing independent testing of all our CBD oils.

Although we are still some way from having CBD approved in professional sports as a licensed commodity, high-profile player testimonials are worth their weight in gold-golden-grade CBD oil, that is!

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