CBD and Alcohol

In researching CBD and Alcohol, there are generally a small few (albeit very different) motivations for wanting to find out more about how these two substances interact and impact on one and other.

Typical questions from our customers include;

  • Can I drink alcohol and take CBD Oil at the same time?
  • Can I drink alcohol if I am taking CBD on a daily or regular basis?
  • Is CBD Oil an alternative to alcohol?
  • Can CBD Oil reduce my reliance on alcohol?

Let’s start by taking a look at the two substances and how they impact our system. 


Alcohol is effectively a toxin, and a known depressant. It impacts our central nervous system in several ways (providing both positive and negative experiences to the user), which can result in changes to your mood, movement, speech, coordination, and many others.

Additionally, the more alcohol you consume or the higher the percentage of the alcohol, the greater the effects are going to be.

Small amounts of alcohol (such as a small glass of wine) have been reported to promote a range of health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure. However, in general, alcohol is considered a substance that negatively impacts our health & wellbeing. Low, moderate or high use of alcohol causes a range of side effects, with the hangover being the top complaint for many.


CBD has a much more balanced and healthy influence; it impacts our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in a positive way, promoting homeostasis. Your body knows how much CBD you need, and where to execute it, it only uses what it needs to create that balanced wellbeing.  Of course the alcohol you drink is all absorbed by your body, which is what creates so much pressure on our livers and other vital organs.

CBD & Alcohol

The two substances are incomparable from a health or lifestyle perspective – they are completely different ingredients, but of course both are part of people’s everyday lifestyles and diets, so it is natural to ask about the impact of drinking alcohol and taking CBD at the same time.

The two, unfortunately, have not been extensively researched and studied together, but we understand CBD and alcohol do not interact with each other in the body. There are brewers worldwide starting to produce CBD beer and CBD spirits and wines. 

CBD is a supplement for cannabinoids already present in our bodies, as such in theory, alcohol should not impact these cannabinoids any more than if you were not taking CBD Oil. We should state at this point, that some studies have found that if you take an excess of Alcohol and CBD together, it may exacerbate symptoms such as sleepiness.

Can I drink Alcohol and take CBD Oil at the same time?

Many people mix their CBD Oil dosage with their favourite tipple, but the sensible way of taking your CBD is by placing 3-4 drops under your tongue and leaving them there for 60 seconds to allow rapid absorption into your blood stream. If you are new to CBD you may not have a complete picture of how CBD is impacting you yet, so it is best to be sensible with any therapeutic intake and talk to your GP if you have any concerns. CBD actually protects the body from alcohol induced cell damage, and so could be considered a proactive step in balancing your lifestyle, if you do enjoy a drink in the evenings. Taking CBD and alcohol together in high dosages can certainly make you drowsy and should be avoided.



Can I drink Alcohol if I am taking CBD on a daily basis?

The above answer is still valid here. But as a regular daily user of CBD you will be more conscious of how it affects you, and be better placed to make informed decisions about your alcohol intake.  CBD Oil should in fact be taken daily, either 2 or 3 times per day for maximum benefit. Alcohol should always be taken in moderation.

CBD Oil an alternative to Alcohol?

CBD does not give you a “high” because it only contains trace amounts of THC – It is extracted from hemp plants. It is THC (through cannabis plants) that people use recreationally, and potentially as an alternative way to relax than drinking alcohol or using other substances.

CBD is not a viable alternative to drinking alcohol in that sense. However, many of the reasons that people take alcohol can be better served by taking CBD. For example:

  • Many people drink alcohol to help them get to sleep at night. CBD shows huge promise in helping people with insomnia and other sleeping concerns. Read more about CBD and Sleep here
  • Another top reason for reaching for the bottle is stress and anxiety, alcohol can provide temporary relief from stressful situations, a form of escapism. However as many people know the stress and anxiety is then usually heightened after the event – Drinking alcohol does not generally help with our metal capacity in dealing with stressful situations. CBD on the other hand, again shows genuine promise in the realms of stress and anxiety.

Achieving homeostasis within body and mind can of course address triggers that lead to drinking, enabling you to have a more healthy relationship with alcohol.

Can CBD Oil reduce my reliance on Alcohol?

CBD and addiction is quickly becoming a widely researched area with many case studies demonstrating that CBD can have a huge positive impact on addiction (in all its various forms, including quitting smoking). Coupling the addiction serving qualities, with the function of counteracting alcohol induced damage – CBD has quite a compelling case for use in managing alcohol addiction. Read our post about CBD and Addiction for more information.

In summary, the use of CBD and Alcohol together is still very much under researched, however a general consensus seems to be to take any substances in moderation. CBD infused Beers & Wines will also be available on the market soon, although we always recommend CBD Oil is taken under the tongue rather than ingested, because this ensures a maximum CBD absorption into the body.