Customer Reviews

Pain - I suffered with terrible pain in my lower back 8/10 on a good day. I spoke with the guys at The CBD Medical Group and was blown away with how helpful they have been with myself, My pain has now dropped to a 2/10 I cant recommended these guys enough. - Mr Barlow United Kingdom.

Anxiety - Thank you guys i will never be able to thank you guys enough for the help you have given me, My anxiety is now at a minimal which I never thought would happen, Thank you for all your help and advise you have given me. - Ms Kasey - Liverpool UK 

Feeling Better - I felt like I was dying before I started taking The CBD Medical Group CBD Oil because I had so many problems. Now after taking it, I feel very much alive. I also do not take painkillers anymore. Mr Grimshaw - United Kingdom 

Blood Pressure - The CBD Medical Groups Oils seem to be the only thing that helps with my headaches & high blood pressure. It seems to help with my enlarged prostate as well thank you for your help. Damian - Newcastle 

Pain in my foot - I had a pain in my foot for the past four years. I had visited my doctor and different specialists but no one could explain the pain or provide me with any relief from it. I saw you guys at an expo in London a few weeks ago and was told I should rub some of your CBD body lotion on it, which you gave me in my hand. I sat down and applied your CBD body lotion, then walked around. A little later I noticed that the pain seemed to be easing. I returned to you to let you know and also to purchase the product CBD Body Lotions 2 %. I'm not sure what happened, but your product worked a miracle I feel fine. Ryan - London UK 

Aches & PainsI bought your 10% Blue Label CBD Oil  and started using it two weeks ago. I was suffering from aches and pains in my knees and legs. The aches and pains have now eased and my legs are much more flexible. I just wanted to let you know, and say thank you a customer for life - Cameron -London UK

Better Sleep - I have suffered for many years with terrible sleep, Since i come across The CBD Medical Group and spoke to yourselves, I purchased your 20% CBD Oil and i now sleep like a baby and in general feel better in myself and as a person. - Jerome - Lincoln UK

Shoulder Pain - The CBD Medical Group has change my life. My right Shoulder I suffered with joint pains and since using your CBD Oil I've been free and been able to carry out my daily activity thank you from the bottom of my heart. Miss Jill - Portsmouth UK

Cold Sores - My housekeepers daughter in our holiday home was so greatly helped with her cold sores with your CBD Oil 4%, Her Cold sores have vanished and she has not had once since taking your products. Dr Ryan - Scotland 

Diabetes - My Partner works at Police station and is a diabetic per 10% CBD Oil bottles she said she could see people clearly and also got her strength back. Previously she could not see people properly and very tired from the moment she woke up. Thank you for everything changed our lives. Mr Marc Zicory - United Kingdom 

High Blood pressure and Sugar level lowered. - I have high blood pressure and sugar levels. After getting one bottle of your CBD Oil 20%  I had my blood pressure checked and it went to normal and my sugar level lowered. I also lost a bit of weight and my face was lighter which my office co-workers commented on. I got another 2 bottles of the same CBD Oil 20%. I also have high cholesterol level, which I am hoping to get good result. I really feel rejuvenated and fresh. I was always burdened with aches, pains and fever. PRAISE GOD FOR THIS PRODUCT; IT IS REALLY A HEALING FOR NATIONS, Thank you for supplying me also with your lab tests which really gave me confidence. Mr Ricksmon - Suffolk - UK