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When looking for the right CBD product for you, it can be confusing. Whether it's CBD body creams, gummies, CBD oils or CBD face creams; different labels highlight different components: MLs, Mgs and %’s – It’s important that you know exactly what you’re buying as these figures will have a huge impact on the success of your CBD journey.

What do these figures mean?

  • mls – The size and the quantity of the contents of each bottle, there are a wide range of bottle sizes available on the market
  • mgs – The quantity of CBD milligrams in each bottle
  • % - The percentage of CBD in each bottle

The easiest and surest way to ensure you are acquiring a proper dose of CBD is to note the % of CBD. Like alcohol, the % Volume of alcohol (rather than the Mgs of alcohol) is the most accurate and most useful measure of what you might be buying.

It is widely accepted that in any CBD volume a CBD% below 2% has a negligible benefit on your health. So, if for example you purchase a 10ml bottle of 4% CBD Oil you will get 400mgs of CBD but if you wish to buy a 30ml bottle of 4% CBD Oil the mgs of CBD would have to increase 3 times to 1200mgs because the volume in the 30ml bottle is 3 times more than in the 10ml bottle. That is why you must be very careful to ensure that both the % of CBD and the correct amount of mgs of CBD is displayed on all CBD products you buy.

See our quick guide to working out the number of mgs below. Please remember the % of CBD always stays the same in each size of bottle whereas the number of mgs of CBD must increase by the % increase of each size of bottle or jar.

Topical CBD Products

When using topical CBD products such as a Hand Cream, Body Lotion or an Anti-Aging Cream, the percentage of CBD needed to be effective is generally lower than the volumes needed in CBD Oils Softgels. However do be careful when shopping for topical products, as many actually only contain trace amounts of CBD, which is unlikely to give you the benefit you are looking for from a CBD compound.  Most users will need a minimum of 1% CBD in a topical skin product, use our handy chart below to find the right product for you.

Bwell Topical CBD Products contain from 2% - 4% CDB.

We passionately believe that every CBD vendor should prominently display their correct CBD% on all their CBD products along with the matching mgs of CBD, for each size of bottle or jar.

How does this impact dosage?

If for example you use our 4% CBD Oil and you take an average dose of 3-4 drops three times a day, you will be consuming approximately 18-24mgs of CBD. To put this into context, 160mg per day is seen as a recommended maximum dosage amount for use as a CBD supplement.

Therefore, we recommend starting with our 4% CBD Oil, as this represents a good balance between the stronger and weaker concentrations. Even at four drops, three times a day, you would still only be consuming a maximum of 24mg of CBD per day. Do not underestimate this therapeutic compound though—in many cases, this may well be enough.

Read more about CBD dosage here.

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