How to take CBD Oil: Dosage, Application & Options

CBD Dosage: How much do you need?

The first thing new CBD users need to establish is the correct dosage for them. Some packaging makes this difficult, even misleading, focusing on the quantity of milligrams (mgs) of CBD, rather than the much more important % volume of CBD – This is vitally important when choosing your product and working out the correct dose for you.

It’s important to understand that % volume of CBD, is not the same as the % volume of say alcohol. With alcohol, the stronger the %, the more you become affected, with CBD, your body uses only what it needs – “Surplus” CBD in the blood stream does not have any impact on you. Some people with very severe health conditions see a wonderful impact from just 4% CBD products, others with very mild conditions might need 20% CBD products to reach their desired benefit. It’s personal – your age, weight, physical health, diet, metabolism – all have an impact on this.

We recommend anyone wanting to discover CBD for health reasons, first chooses a product between CBD2% - CBD4% or above. Research indicates that any CBD dose lower than 2% will have very little impact on your health.

With CBD Cosmetic Creams etc. anything below 1% CBD seems to be largely ineffective.

With CBD Sports products for pain, muscle soreness or stiffness anything below 2% CBD is likely to be also ineffective.

You can find out more about quantities and volumes in our article CBD %’s & MGs.

Our recommended approach to working out your dosage is:

  • Start Low –  Give the CBD products 2-3 weeks to make an impact and see how you feel. People take CBD for a multitude of health and wellness reasons, only you will know if it is supporting your needs.
  • Scale Up – If you are not feeling much difference after 2-3 weeks, it may mean that you require a higher % volume dose – Try a 10% product next. Even if you are seeing benefits – You still may want to try a higher volume to see if things improve further.
  • Trial and Error – You will know when your body has found the right balance.

CBD Options: What type of application is right for you?

There are several products on the market that enable you to take CBD – Oils, tablets, gummies, vape juice, even food & drink. Whilst they all provide you with a CBD dose, there are some differences to be aware of when choosing the right option for you;

  • OralCBD Oil and Softgels – This method gets CBD into your bloodstream faster. If you take CBD because you have regular migraines for example, an oral product will be the best option for you. Food or Gummies with an added CBD content is much slower and less reliable, because it is often difficult to know the exact CBD% dosage you are taking?
  • TopicalCreams, Lotions, Oils – This method does put CBD into your bloodstream but much slower than drops under the tongue, it still does impact your Endocannabinoid System. The Topical application of CBD enables targeted relief. For example, if you regularly play sports you may use oils or lotions for pain and inflammation and muscle
  • Cosmetic topical Applications of CBD2% and above creams and lotions will give you visual cosmetic improvements of your skin, after a reasonable time of application.

Because the two applications impact the body differently, they are recommended to be taken concurrently with your daily oral dosage of your CBD oil or Softgels for the joint benefit of your health and healthier looking skin.

We find the most versatile product to be CBD Oil:

  • It can be used orally and topically
  • You have full control over quantities
  • You can mix it with food and drink if you so choose
  • It is the fastest acting application method when taken under the tongue 

CBD Products: At a glance

CBD lotion

Read our quick summary to help choose the right product type for you…

Oils / Tinctures / Drops

+ Compact and handy – Easy to use
+ They start working quickly – Fast acting
+ Full dosage control for beginners and more experienced users

+ Waste free – You get the maximum available dose of CBD straight to your bloodstream
- Not everyone likes using drops in public which makes it slightly less convenient

Softgels or Tablets

+ You don't taste anything
+ Easy to adjust and control your dosage
+ Easy to use anywhere – Very portable
- Slower acting, particularly when taken via food, drinks or gummies, the dosage is difficult or impossible to assess the correct CBD dosage you should be taking? For health purposes, taking CBD using food, drinks or gummies as the carrier for CBD consumption, is not recommended.

Gummies & Chocolate etc.

+ For fun yes, but not for serious health and wellness purposes.
- % of CBD is not reliable and often not even stated. For fun yes but watch the sugar content.

Creams & Lotions

+ Easy to use and best built into your daily skincare regime
+ Have additional benefits, for example our CBD4% Anti-Ageing Cream
- Absorption rates tend to be slower
- Remember any CBD cream with less than 2% CBD is going to bring you disappointment. Stay clear of CBD Topical products who do not have at least 200mgs of CBD in every 10ml of volume. Example 10ml needs at least 200mgs of CBD, 20ml/400mg, 30ml/600mgs 50ml/1000mgs of CBD and so on.